1xBet Tanzania: Review of the Best Affiliate Program in the Country

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When you wish to receive more benefits and rewards for your cooperation with a bookmaker, becoming an affiliate will grant you this opportunity. You can advertise bookmakers’ services and receive your fee for it. It sounds wonderful, right? However, it is more complex than that and definitely requires an article to tell you about the best possible program you can find in Tanzania. Be ready to explore the contents and opportunities of the 1xParters affiliate programs. You can even try the 1xBet affiliate program APK to use it on your mobile.

In this article prepared by professional bettors, you can learn more about the 1xBet affiliate program available for Tanzanians. Here, you can read about the available marketing models, ready materials you can or cannot use, rewards percentages, and many more.

Bookmaker Short Observation in Tanzania

Bookmaker Short Observation in Tanzania

The 1xBet bookmaker is available in many African countries, including Tanzania. One of the reasons for this is its world popularity that was gained over many years in the market and gambling sphere. The Tanzanian market contains many other betting and gambling brands, however, 1xBet manages to stand out. It offers all sorts of entertainment, convenient payment methods, multiple bonus deals, and engaging promotions.

What Does It Mean to Be an Affiliate, and How Does the Partner Program Work?

How Does the Partner Program Work

An affiliate program is a type of internet marketing that is beneficial for a brand and its affiliate partners. It works the following way: a brand promises its affiliates a commission in exchange for his or her promotion services on various Internet resources, from social networks to personal blogs.

Depending on the platform the model of affiliate marketing can vary. Some bookmakers, like 1xBet, offer at least three models, and punters are free to choose. It offers more chances to become successful because using various formats instead of one to achieve the desired action from a potential user provides more freedom and creativity.

Ways to Promote

Affiliates can use ready materials not only in text but also in video and audio formats. However, it can be a bit more difficult to provide a link there. One of the recent options that has gained popularity is placing such an affiliate link in messengers. If you have a channel on Telegram, WhatsApp, and other messengers, such advertising can be profitable.

Another method is to implement the link into your video content if you are a vlogger. You can tell about your experience and provoke others to try it by following the link below the video.

The Reasons to Choose 1xPartners in Tanzania

The Reasons to Choose 1xPartners in Tanzania

When you are looking at affiliate programs and have no idea which one to choose, you better check the benefits you can receive from your cooperation. Start with the most famous and reputable world-known brands. 1xPartners is definitely the program that has multiple advantages:

  1. Easy to promote. The 1xBet bookmaker is super sought-after among punters. It means it is easy to advertise and attract more netizens to try their luck on its website.
  2. High commission rates. It is one of the best-paying brands, with payouts starting from 25%.
  3. Innovative advertising tools and ready materials. Some outdated and old ways of using affiliate marketing tools cannot promise you more visitors. However, when all the materials have style and are prepared with a love for text and design, it can catch more interested users.

It is enough to engage you in becoming an affiliate partner to 1xBet. No other bookmaker available in Tanzania can offer such profitable terms. But these are only the obvious benefits; be prepared to learn more about the program and its opportunities further in the text.

Specifics of 1xPartners Affiliate Program in Tanzania

Specifics of 1xPartners Affiliate Program in Tanzania

The 1xPartners is an exclusive program that has specific and obvious benefits for its users; therefore, after you get acquainted with the main requirements, you can see what types of revenue and help you can obtain here.

Terms & Requirements

Every affiliate program has terms and conditions a partner must follow if he or she wishes to have a fruitful and long-term relationship. For instance, the bookmaker establishes the following conditions you must stick to:

  1. Before advertising, open an affiliate account.
  2. You must be at least 18 years old to join the program.
  3. Provide your credentials to be able to receive a commission.
  4. The commission is paid out monthly within the established accounting period.
  5. Use only ready materials supplied by the bookie. Other than that, you should negotiate and receive a manager’s permission to use extra materials.

These are the basics you need to bear in mind. If you fit all conditions, you can start the registration process, which is fast and easy.

Types and Tariffs

The program offers 3 types of available affiliate models. Punters can choose any of them for promotion. Here are the tiers:

  1. Revenue share. Affiliates can receive a lifetime commission of 25% of the company’s net revenue for every referred user that comes from your link.
  2. CPA. When any of the referred users makes a certain action, you will be paid. The action-type can be established upon request.
  3. Hybrid. This option allows potential affiliates to use both models as a combined one and receive income in several different ways.

As you can see, the program is very flexible. If you visit the website, you will notice that some options are not stated. The reason is that you are welcome to negotiate the conditions with the manager. It is another worthy reason to join the 1xPartners program.

Who can Become a 1xBet Affiliate?

If you plan to become a 1xBet affiliate, there is nothing more simple. Every user can join the partner program by registering for it. Even if you are not a 1xBet bettor, you can still try to become an affiliate. However, it can be a more difficult venue for you since you cannot share your personal experience with users. As a result, it can be more difficult to attract them.

Customer Service

Once you join the affiliate program, you will have a personal manager who can support you and provide guidance throughout the promotion process. Here are the communication options you can use:

  • live support via chat
  • emails: support@partners1xbet.com
  • telegram: PARTNERS1XBET.

Operators are available at any time without any breaks. You can select any option and receive almost instant replies that will help you solve your problems. You can use the same communication channels if you use a mobile website or an app.

1xPartners App

If you think these are all benefits, you are wrong. The bookmaker allows Android users to download the 1xBet affiliate program APK file, which you can install on your device and have access to all the promo tools via it. A partner who uses an application has the same number of functions in his or her affiliate account. All the personally generated links, promo materials, special codes, and other options are available. You can conveniently create your publications and post them on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.

Benefits of 1xBet Affiliate

Benefits of 1xBet Affiliate

What does an affiliate wish to receive in return for the services he or she provides? Right, let’s talk about the advantages and profits you can obtain by becoming one. Every 1xPartners participant will have the following privileges:

  • Monthly reward for the promotion work
  • Fast and easy payouts via many available methods
  • Convenient and trendy prepared promotional tools
  • Clear and live statistics
  • Over 50 sports and 13,000 games are available
  • Three advertising models
  • High retention
  • Generous commission rate
  • High conversion rate
  • Detailed and thorough reports
  • Fast sign-up and helpful support.

There is no other bookmaker that can provide you with such affiliate tools and opportunities. They will help you make quick posts about all the ongoing and planned promotions, new bonuses, and other perks for bettors.

Ways of Promotion in 1xPartners Program

Ways of Promotion in 1xPartners Program

One of the best options Tanzanian affiliates can receive is a ready set of promotional tools partners can use without any problems depending on the website and platform they choose for the placement of their publications. The 1xPartners supplies their affiliates with top-notch ready materials, such as layouts, scripts, designer elements, and more.

In your profile, you can find a bunch of recent promotions and events that require affiliate help. It means you do not need to think about what to advertise next because the bookmaker already made that choice for you. Take the mockup and place it on your resources, in your blog texts, or on your Facebook page.

Available Publications Format

Affiliates can post their publications on social networks, add them to video blogs, and implement them in their CEO articles. For creatives, the bookmaker will provide you with logos, other designer elements with the brand’s colors, and engaging text scripts with promos. An affiliate can observe the promos available in his or her account and choose them for creatives. 

Types of Materials

The ready layouts and other elements for successful publication play one of the top roles. It should be noticeable to users and have a catchy phrase or involving text. So, here are the promos you can get to use for promotions:

  1. Banners and landing pages. The bookie does not forget to update all the information, including the databases, so it won’t be a problem where you can obtain some data.
  2. Ready smartlinks. It is an essential part of the whole promo.
  3. Promo codes. The brand supplies you with exclusive promo codes for your viewers.
  4. S2S integration. The bookmaker provides an integration with any trackers you like.
  5. JSON feeds. So you never lose any vital information.

These tools and materials will provide you with multiple opportunities for creating your posts and publications.

Affiliate Blog

Affiliate Blog

If you wish to grab more tips on successful promotion, then you can read the 1xPartners blog. It contains some articles about SEO, social networks, and other marketing tools you can use for profit and attract more potential visitors.

The blog is available for affiliates and website visitors. You can find any instructions and guides in the blog. The main aim of all blog posts is to help you in promoting the bookmaker and its services.

News Section

This section is available for partners to learn about the latest information the bookmaker releases, such as monthly promo digests, new bookies’ rewards, and updates. The section contains all the vital data about the bookmaker’s platform.


All the reasons and benefits of the 1xPartners can hardly be compared to any other bookmakers presented in the market. Therefore, Tanzanians have an excellent chance to provide themselves with a bit of passive income they can receive monthly.

Moreover, affiliate partners can negotiate some of the parameters of the program, such as actions users take in exchange for a commission a partner can receive. Also, the quality of provided materials is top-notch, which allows potential customers to be easily hooked on the offer they see and provokes them to explore other conditions of how they can receive this offer.


Open an account by registering on the affiliate website of the bookmaker. Submit your personal and contact details to be able to join.

It is one of the most profitable programs you can find in Tanzania. The commission rate starts from 25%, and you can choose among the available models and receive ready materials.

The 1xPartners program is available for anybody who is ready to abide by its rules and conditions. You do not have to be better at 1xBet.

Compared to other affiliate programs available for Tanzanians, this one obviously has a prevailing profit. First of all, it is flexible and can be customized. Secondly, affiliates have only modern and convenient promotion tools.

Becoming an affiliate means you are getting paid twice a month, and the commission rate here starts from 25% to 40%. It is pretty generous.

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