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FOCIS™ Software Suite

The FOCIS™ system comes loaded with a software suite for test setup, data collection, real-time clearance and vibration monitoring, and post-processing analysis.

FOCIS™ Software: Test Setup and Signal Monitoring

The FOCIS™ software interfaces with the FOCIS™ hardware and is primarily used to setup the test, verify proper operation, monitor the quality of the signal, and collect data.  Through the FOCIS™ software, operators configure the parameters of each rotor stage to measure, setup the location of the probes and control their function (blade tip timing, blade tip clearance, once-per-revolution, etc.), test the probes with a digital oscilloscope, and verify proper data acquisition through a graphical interface.

Rotor Stage Configuration 
Picture Above: Rotor Stage Configuration

Verification of Probe Signal QualityPicture Above: Verification of Probe Signal Quality

Through the FOCIS™ software suite, test operators also control the instrumentation and can adjust laser power and channel gain.

Laser Power and Channel Gain Control  
Picture Above: Laser Power and Channel Gain Control 


FOCIS™ Software: Clearance Measurement

FOCIS™ software can output clearance measurement as average of all blades or blade-by-blade.  Minimum, maximum, and average clearance is available.  Clearance data can be streamed through Modbus to an external device.

blade by blade visualization of blade tip clearance
Picture Above: Blade-by-blade clearance visualization


Blade Tip Timing and Vibration Analysis Software

The FOCIS™ software suite includes advanced software used for tip timing and blade vibration analysis, both in real-time and for post-processing.

Circumferential Optimizer Software: Determine Probe Location

Choose the best placement of the optical probes around the rotor based on the vibration modes of interest with the Circumferential Optimizer.

circumferential optimizer 440
Picture Above: Circumferential Optimizer

DAQ+ Software: Real-Time Blade Vibration Analysis

DAQ+ is the real-time blade vibration software for test monitoring and visualization of blade vibration in real time. 

All Blades Waterfall with blade vibration monitoring system
Picture Above: Examples of real-time blade vibration monitoring - All Blades Waterfall

SWAT plots in real-time blade vibration software 
Picture Above: Real-Time Vibration Monitoring (Campbell, Magnitude, Frequency and Phase plots)

BT Software: Post-Processing Blade Vibration Analysis

BT is post-processing software for deep analysis of blade vibration events, both synchronous and asynchronous.

Blade vibration analysis with post-processing software
Picture Above: Example of post-processed vibration analysis with BT software

Gene­rate Plots of Recor­ded Parameters

Both DAQ+ and BT feature user-friendly interface for displaying:

  • Rela­tive & Absolute blade posi­tion
  • Deflec­tion (including auto­ma­tic deter­mi­na­tion of deflec­tion based on poly­no­mial curve fit to remove the static blade posi­tion)
  • RPM
  • History, Campbell, Magnitude, Phase, Frequency, and Waterfall plots are available


Analy­sis Modules

Our full suite of blade vibration software includes analysis modules for synchronous and asynchronous vibration.

Asyn­chro­nous analy­sis:

  • All blades FFT
  • Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of nodal diame­ter response and flut­ter events
  • Frequency, magni­tude & phase for the stage


Synchro­nous analy­sis:

  • Iden­tify respon­ding engine orders via sine wave fit for all probes on a per rev basis
  • Campbell, frequency, magni­tude & phase for all blades


Acquisition and Analysis of Non-Tip Timing Data

DAQ+ also includes the possibility to acquire data other than tip timing / blade vibration.  Examples of hardware supported include strain gauges, pressure and temperature sensors, as well as generic data acquisition cards from National Instruments.

Acquisition of non-tip timing data allows advanced processing such as:

  • Comparison of vibration data obtained through strain gauges and tip timing
  • Correlation of blade vibration data with pressure or other type of data


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