Modified Acoustic Emission (M-AE) Structural Health Monitoring

As aircraft and aerospace systems approach their design lives, the recognition that these systems may need to be retained in-service requires a cost-effective method of detecting and locating damage. Current NDI techniques provide little insight in terms of remaining life of components or structures. Unlike threshold-based AE systems, Prime Photonics M-AE technology does not monitor for damage events alone, but also uses information in the background acoustic emission spectra to gain quantifiable insight into the material state of the structure.


3-D SMIS™ Non-Destructive Inspection

3-D Synchronous Magnetic Imaging System (3-D SMIS™) technology overcomes the performance constraints associated with Eddy current and ultrasonic NDI/NDT techniques, allowing subsurface scans of imperfections and cracks in contact and non-contact configurations. The technology has been demonstrated with both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, and is also being developed for through-part residual stress measurements.  The technology features:

  • High spatial resolution and accurate flaw and corrosion characterization quickly and reliably without contacting the surface

  • Automated interrogation without the need for rigorous test set up, or difficult interpretation of the results

  • Detection through non-metallic coatings or proximal material


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