VL900 High Frequency Photodiode Amplifier
The VL900 is a two-channel fiber-coupled photodiode amplifier module with user-selectable coupling and a wide range of user-adjustable gain settings.  The module is an easy way to capture low-level fiber optic signals, amply them, and capture the signals using standard data acquisition (DAQ) hardware.  The standard configuration uses FC/PC connectors and a Thor Labs FDS-02 silicon PIN type PD with a sensitivity of 0.47 A/W at 725nm. The module requires external power supplied between +/-5V and +/-6V.

VL900 Photodiode Amplifier Module

Optical Oscilloscope
This card offered in a PXIe form factor is a 2-channel optical data acquisition card for easily digitizing optical signals so that the waveforms or data can be analyzed using LabView, Matlab or other development and analysis software environments.  We can provide the cards with a variety of photodetector options for different wavelength ranges and connector types.

Optical Oscilloscope PXIe Card Datasheet