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                <span class='desc'>3-Axis COMPASS™ Magnetic Field Sensor</span>
3-Axis COMPASS™ Magnetic Field Sensor
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                <span class='desc'>Single Axis COMPASS™ Magnetic Field Sensor</span>
Single Axis COMPASS™ Magnetic Field Sensor
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                    <span class='desc'>Shock Hardened COMPASS™ Magnetic Field Sensor</span>
Shock Hardened COMPASS™ Magnetic Field Sensor

COMPASS™ Magnetic Field Sensors
COMPASS™ optical magnetic field sensors have been designed for directly measuring large magnetic fields from 1-30 Tesla. All optical construction eliminates the possibility of conducting electrical energy into or out of the high field environment. Sensors are built-to-order and can be tailored to fit a variety of form factors and/or field strengths.

  • 3 Axis COMPASS™ Full Vector Sensor - This sensor is capable of measuring the field strength along all three axes simultaneously. It is typically constructed in a ¼” cylindrical form factor.

  • Single Axis COMPASS™ Magnetic Field Sensor - These sensors are based on multi-mode optics are typically built with a ¼” cylindrical geometry. They measure only one-axis, but can be built to measure any axis desired.

  • Hardened Magnetic Field Sensors – COMPASS™ sensors, lasers and photodetectors can be packaged to survive 50 kg shocks and rapid temperature excursions. 

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