Troubleshoot or monitor torsional vibration and torque with our non-contact products.

The TVS™ and TVS+™ sensors measure torsional vibration, torque, speed, twist, and axial displacement of shafts.  They are typically used to instrument turbomachinery couplings.

TVS+™ is a released product which uses labels applied to the shaft to track speed and position in real-time.  TVS™ is a prototype sensor which tracks bare shafts by looking at the unique optical reflective pattern of the shaft based on surface imperfections.

Torsional Vibration Measurement System

Picture Above: Shaft Measurement Using TVS™ (center); TVS™ instrumentation (bottom right); TVS™ probe (top left)


TVS™ versus TVS+™

Both versions are optical sensors which rely on pattern recognition techniques to track the shaft over time.  TVS™ measures bare shafts by tracking the surface finish of the shaft while TVS+™ uses labels placed on the shaft.

Both versions consist of an electronics enclosure and two optical probes.

The TVS+™ system requires labels with special markings (included with the system) to be mounted on the shaft.  The labels enable collection of more data and additional precision compared to the TVS™ system.

The TVS™ system is a next-generation sensor currently in advanced prototyping stage which does not require any markings on the shaft.  Just mount the probes in front of the bare shaft and start collecting data immediately.

The TVS™ and TVS+™ systems measure the following:

(coming soon)
(available now)
Speed X X
Torsional Vibration X X
Torque / Absolute Twist  X(1) X
Axial Displacement   X  


(1) TVS™ tracks torque of bare shafts when there is no axial displacement of the shaft.  When axial displacement is present, a recognizable feature must be added to the shaft to be used as a datum.

Which Version Is Best For My Application?

The following chart tracks the main differences between the two sensors:

(coming soon)
(available now)
Shaft temperature -40 deg C to +590 deg C
(-40F to +1100 F)
-40 deg C to +80 deg C
(-40F to +175 F)
Maximum Amount of Twist +/- 5 degrees +/- 180 degrees
Measurement of Axial Position No Yes
Torque Measurement

If datum on the shaft: yes

If no datum on the shaft, tracks torque if there is no axial displacement



Product Details

Details of the TVS™ Torsional Vibration Measurement System

Details of the TVS+™ Torque and Torsional Vibration System


TVS™ Data Sheet (pdf)

TVS+™ Data Sheet (pdf) 


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