Axial position of a coupling or shaft is a difficult parameter to monitor.  Our TVS+™ instrument measures the axial position of a shaft and its displacement in real time.  It can be used during startup or at operational speeds.

The TVS+™ instrument uses labels applied to the shaft.  Special marks on the label allow measurement of shaft displacement with a resolution of 0.1 mm (0.004 inches) and an accuracy of 0.25 mm (0.01 inches).

Our standard label is 25 mm (1 inch) wide and can track axial displacements of +/- 12 mm (+/- 0.45 inches).  Alternate labels can be manufactured upon request to track any amount of displacement. 

The TVS+™ sensor also measures speed, torsional vibration, torque, and power.

Product Details

TVS+™ Torque and Torsional Vibration System