The VectorLightTM VL900 is a two-channel fiber-coupled photodiode amplifier module with user-selectable coupling and a wide range of user-adjustable gain settings.

Optical to electrical signal converter
Picture Above: VectorLightTM 900 Photodiode Amplifier

The module is an easy way to capture low-level fiber optic signals, amplify them, and convert them to an analog voltage signal which can be processed using standard data acquisition (DAQ) hardware.

Main Characteristics

Number of Channels: 2 identical optical input to electrical output circuits

Input: FC/PC connectors

Output: BNC connectors

Coupling: output can be AC or DC coupled

Power: Requires external power supplied between +/- 5V and +/- 6V

Gain Selection: manual via physical buttons on the top of the module


VL900 Photodiode Amplifier Data Sheet (pdf)

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