The optical oscilloscope card is an optical data acquisition card for easily digitizing optical signals.

Optical oscilloscope card to digitize an optical signal 
Picture Above: Optical Oscilloscope Card

This card is made for receiving optical signals and digitizing the signal, so that the waveforms or data can be analyzed using LabView, Matlab or other development and analysis software environments.

A proprietary optical amplifier circuit allows for the sensitivity to be varied dramatically with minimal impact on bandwidth and noise performance.  The card has an on-board FPGA to allow for custom high-speed embedded processing of data, and also permits full speed transmission of data to the controller for logging or other analysis.


Main Characteristics

Number of Channels: 2 independent channels

Form Factor: PXIe

Fiber Optic Connectors: either FC or ST (other connectors upon request)

Wavelength: Can be configured for visible or infrared wavelengths

Gain: 10,000 to over 6,000,000 with low noise, selectable via software

Bandwidth: > 5 MHz at low gain, > 1MHz at max gain, lower bandwidth available as well

AC or DC coupling selectable via software

A/D Converter: Max sample rate of 125 MHz on both channels simultaneously

Software: The optical oscilloscope  card comes with a software application which controls the gain of the processor card, captures data, and either saves the data to a CSV file and/or plots the data.


Data Sheet

Optical Oscilloscope PXIe Card Datasheet (pdf)


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