Our Data Capture Card (DCC) is dedicated to processing fast voltage signals, converting the voltage signals into digital signals, and processing the digital signals in real-time to extract timing of the rise, fall, various threshold levels, and mid-point of the signal.


Data Capture Card

High Sampling Rate: This card has a very high sampling rate of 100 MHz (100 million samples per second) on all 4 channels simultaneously.  

Possible Uses: The very high sampling rate gives a very accurate signal, which could be used for recognition of objects, exact timestamp of the passage of an object, taking exact measurements of an object as it passes, counting objects, etc.

Object speed: This card is made to process distinct signals coming from 50 to 60,000 objects per second.

Dimensions: This DCC is packaged in a PXIe form factor.  


  • 4 analog voltage input via BNC connectors
  • 1 TTL signal via SMB connector


  • Full signal sampled at 100 MHz for a limited amount of time, in the order of minutes.  Exact duration depends on processing power, number of channels, and hard drive capacity as processing at 100 MHz generates a very large amount of data
  • 9 discrete points for each object passage, indefinitely.  These timestamped points can be streamed in real-time or stored on a hard drive

Multiple cards can be used simultaneously to acquire more than 4 channels.  Timing can be synchronized between multiple cards.


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