FOCIS™ optical sensors and instrumentation provide industry leading performance in gas turbine and other rotor blade measurement applications.

  • FOCIS™ Blade Tip Timing (BTT sensors)
    FOCIS™ BTT sensors are used for non-contact blade vibration measurements on rotor blades and blisks/IBRs, flutter detection, crack detection, and tachometry.
  • FOCIS™ Blade Tip Clearance (BTC sensors)
    Clearance sensors provide all optical measurement of casing-to-rotor blade tip clearance and can be configured to make displacement measurements in many other rotating equipment applications.
  • Ideal for Non-Intrusive Stress Measurement System (NSMS)
    Non-contact, optical FOCIS™ probes are a superior option for vibratory stress analysis using non-intrusive stress measurement system (NSMS) techniques.
  • High temperature
    Lensed FOCIS™ probes provide best-in-class measurement resolution and accuracy, and can be operated in uncooled applications up to 1400F.
  • Low-cost and small size available
    High performance lensed FOCIS™ probes are typically ¼” in diameter. Unlensed FOCIS™ BTT probes are a lower-cost alternative to our high performance lensed probes and can be provided in miniature packages down to 1/32” (sub-millimeter) diameter.
  • Superior performance
    With 100 MHz sample rates and best-in-class optical amplifier designs, FOCIS™ Sensor Interface Units (SIUs) and Data Capture Units (DCUs) provide superior frequency response and low noise performance, resulting in the highest quality blade tip timing measurements available today.
  • No metal, no problem
    FOCIS™ optical clearance sensors work with metallic, ceramic, composite and plastic targets (rotors).
  • Multifunction
    FOCIS™ multi-function BTT/BTC probes can make both a timing and clearance measurements, allowing both measurements to be made with only one casing penetration and cable.
  • Turnkey vibratory stress measurement solution
    FOCIS™ probes and instrumentation can be combined with Apex Turbine Test Technology BT Software for a complete turnkey NSMS-based rotor blade vibration solution.

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