In addition to best-in-class FOCIS™ optical probes and instrumentation, Prime Photonics is a value added reseller of APEX Turbine Testing Technology BT Software, allowing Prime to deliver a complete turnkey non-intrusive measurement system (NSMS) rotor blade vibration analysis solution. BT Software features include

Gene­rate Plots of Recor­ded Parameters

  • Rela­tive & Absolute blade posi­tion
  • Deflec­tion (including auto­ma­tic deter­mi­na­tion of deflec­tion based on poly­no­mial curve fit to remove the static blade posi­tion)
  • RPM

History, Camp­bell, Water­fall plots

Analy­sis Modules

  • Asyn­chro­nous analy­sis
    • All blades FFT
    • Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of nodal diame­ter response and flut­ter events
    • Frequency, magni­tude & phase for the stage
  • Synchro­nous analy­sis:
    • Iden­tify respon­ding engine orders via sine wave fit for all probes on a per rev basis
    • Frequency, magni­tude & phase for all blades

Real-time analysis (coming soon!)

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