• Non-contact blade vibration measurement and vibratory stress analysis
    FOCIS™ BTT can measure synchronous and asynchronous rotor blade vibrations with high precision. With knowledge of the rotor blade design, nonintrusive stress measurement system (NSMS) analysis can be performed.
  • Flutter detection
    Real-time monitoring of BTT data during gas turbine testing can be performed to quickly identify flutter conditions, allowing test operators to quickly react to unsafe test conditions.
  • Crack and damage detection
    With as little as a single casing penetration, FOCIS™ probes can detect anomalous rotor blade behavior that may be indicative of a crack or other damage condition.
  • Rotor speed
    Rotor blade tip timing measurements provide a highly accurate method of measuring rotor speed without having to locate a probe near drive shafts, which can be difficult to access in retrofit measurement applications.
  • Engine health monitoring
    Prime Photonics is applying <a href="/index.php/technology-development-programs/technology-development-programs-gas-turbine-health-monitoring">FOCIS™ technology to Gas Turbine Health Monitoring</a> for detecting engine damage conditions, such as foreign object damage (FOD), blade fatigue and other damage conditions for both military and commercial customers.
  • Blade tip clearance
    Rotor blade tip clearance measurements measure distance changes between the engine casing and rotor blade tip. FOCIS™ BTC measurements can be made on rotors made from any material and do not require increased probe size for larger standoff distances. FOCIS™ BTC measurements are used in compressors and turbine sections, on inlet fans and on other rotating components.