Prime Photonics offers a suite of products and services to test and monitor bladed rotors in turbomachinery.


The following can be measured:

Products and Services

FOCIS™ - Blade Tip Timing and Blade Tip Clearance System

The Prime Photonics suite of products for bladed rotors is called FOCIS™.  It includes world-class hardware, software and services for the most demanding applications:

  • Full FOCIS™ system
  • FOCIS™ probes: optical probes offered in standard and custom configurations for interfacing with the turbomachinery at extreme temperatures
  • FOCIS™ instrumentation:
  • Software:
    • FOCIS™ software controls the test setup, test monitoring, and data capture
    • Apex DAQ+ and BT software provides blade vibration analysis, both as real-time monitoring and post-processing in-depth analysis of tip timing data

Speed Measurement System

For speed measurement of bladed rotors, Prime Photonics offers a dedicated speed measurement system based on FOCIS™ components.


Prime Photonics offers a full suite of services associated with blade tip timing and blade tip clearance measurement:

  • Test Support: We provide test support ranging from sensor installation and system calibration, to data collection and real-time analysis, as well as provide full turn-key test delivery with on-site personnel.
  • Contract Manufacturing of Optical Probes: Prime Photonics draws on its extensive knowledge of optical sensors to be a resource for optical probe manufacturing.  Contact us with probe specifications or a full probe design and our team will manufacture and deliver the best quality probes in time for your test.

  • Equipment Rental: Rental equipment is available for customer test activities.  Rent-to-own is available on most models.  Prime Photonics works with you to determine the test specifications and provide a test system configured for your needs.
  • Calibration Services: Prime Photonics uses its in-house test rigs to provide calibration services of optical clearance probes.
  • Maintenance and Repair: Prime Photonics stands behind its equipment.  We provide full maintenance and repair services, from re-polishing probe tips to repairing broken or damaged equipment, you can count on us to deliver superior service.