August 28, 2009 – Blacksburg, VA – Prime Research today announced the award of a Phase II SBIR award from the US Navy for the development of a suite of sensors for use on Navy electromagnetic launchers (railguns).  The extremely high strength magnetic and electric fields present on and around a railgun during operation render electrical-based sensors inoperable.  For the program Prime Research will be developing a fiber optic-based sensor system capable of measuring magnetic and electric field strength and direction, dynamic pressure and temperature, all during operation of the railgun.

Blacksburg, VA – April 16, 2009.   Prime Photonics announced today that Steve Poland has joined the Prime Photonics Group as President and CEO of both Prime Photonics LC and Prime Research LC.  “Steve's background and talents make him optimally qualified to lead Prime in building the sales of our existing sensor technology, cultivating our growing expertise in metamaterials technology, and driving the commercialization of our SBIR and other Government-sponsored R&D technologies”   said Prime Photonics Group co-founder Russell May.

April 15, 2009 - The NCTC TechNite Awards celebrate and recognize the entrepreneurial and innovative leadership of the NewVa region. Often those working the hardest are too busy or too modest to nominate themselves and we need your help to identify those that deserve consideration.