June 5, 2013 – Blacksburg, VA – Prime Photonics, LC, announced today that Pentair Thermal Management will begin offering the Prime Photonics fiber optic-based FOCIS™ Turbine Blade Tip Timing product line as an addition to the existing Capacisense product offerings.  Also included in the 3-way partnership is EDAS, Inc., a leading supplier of high cycle fatigue and vibration test solutions and provider of blade tip timing software solutions.

“We are tremendously excited about the collaboration with EDAS and Pentair Thermal Management and what it will mean to sales and distribution of our fiber optic FOCIS™ blade tip timing sensors and systems.  Even more importantly, we look forward to being part of a team that will be capable of delivering best-in-class integrated solutions for gas turbine validation testing and health monitoring applications,” says Prime Photonics CEO, Steve Poland.

Kurt Nichol (EDAS), Paul Seccombe (Pentair Thermal Management) and Steve Poland (Prime Photonics)

Kurt Nichol (EDAS), Paul Seccombe (Pentair Thermal Management) and Steve Poland (Prime Photonics)

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Prime Photonics (www.primephotonics.com) develops and manufactures sensor products for use in extreme environment applications within the defense, aerospace, industrial and energy market sectors. Prime Photonics was founded in 1999 and recently expanded into a 16,250 sq. ft. office, laboratory and manufacturing facility located at 1116 S. Main Street, Blacksburg, VA.

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