September 28, 2016 (Berlin, Germany) – Today at the Gas Turbine Institute (GTI) 2016 EVI-GTI and PIWG joint conference on Gas Turbine Instrumentation in Berlin, Germany, Malcolm Laing, Director of Products for Prime Photonics, made the presentation “Hot section demonstration of an uncooled multi-function blade tip clearance and timing sensor”. In the talk, Mr. Laing discussed a recent hot section engine test in which Prime Photonics performed Blade Tip Timing and Blade Tip Clearance measurements. The Prime Photonics FOCIS™ optical probes were installed post-combustor and did not require cooling during operation in the extremely hot turbine section of the engine.

“The ability to make both of these measurements at each probe location, and doing it without the need for applying cooling to the probes during engine operation, greatly reduces installation complexity and tests costs for our customer.” says Mr. Laing.

Prime Photonics FOCIS™ engine probes are used for gas turbine and turbocharger test and evaluation, and are being developed for real-time engine health monitoring applications.