Test Planning

Prime Photonics engineers are available to help scope and plan blade measurement activities including blade tip clearance, blade tip timing, axial rotor displacement, blade width, or crack and damage measurement.

We can assist with probe type selection, probe placement and mounting configuration, cable routing and test equipment planning. Whether you are an experienced Blade Tip Timing (BTT) user or new to NSMS analysis, our technical staff is able to add value.

Test Support

We provide test support ranging from sensor installation and system calibration, to data collection and real-time analysis, as well as provide full turn-key test delivery with on-site personnel.

Equipment Rental

Rental equipment is available for customer test activities.  Rent-to-own is available on most models.  Prime Photonics works with you to determine the test specifications and provide a test system configured for your needs.

Calibration Services

Prime Photonics uses its in-house test rig to provide calibration services of optical clearance probes.

Maintenance and Repair

Prime Photonics stands behind its equipment.  We provide full maintenance and repair services, from re-polishing probe tips to repairing broken or damaged equipment, you can count on us to deliver superior service.

Contract Manufacturing of Optical Probes

Prime Photonics draws on its extensive knowledge of optical sensors to be a resource for probe manufacturing.  Contact us with probe specifications or a full probe design and our team will manufacture and deliver the best quality probes in time for your test.